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We all have an energy field well beyond our physical body. Ever meet someone and you instantly know you are going to get along? Women pick up on this much better than men. Get your thoughts and mind right by reprogramming your subconscious mind and women will be attracted to you like a magnet. They won’t even know why, they will just feel it. The MINIMUM time you’ll need to set a habitual mind pattern is 21 days. The key is to remain consistent, it’s the only way these affirmations will become your habitual thoughts and behavior.


You are a man who triggers throbbing sexual passion in women.

You are so happy knowing that you make women feel comfortable and sexy in your presence.

You are so happy your body naturally displays a comfortable ease.

You are so happy you are sexually confident.

You are a person that knows how to deal with women in a fluid, easy, and effective way.

You are absent of insecurities. You deeply accept yourself how you are in the moment.

You are magnetic to women. It’s almost effortless and it feels amazing, knowing your subconscious is serving you in a deeply profound and positive way.

You are easily alluring to women. They enjoy it when you start up conversations with them.

You are graceful in your movements and voice tone.

You are a leader.

You are a person who makes no excuses for your desires as a man. You love it.

You are becoming a person with an incredible sex life.

You are able to understand deep feminine desires and you are able to help them experience ecstasy.

You are able to effectively sub communicate with women.

You are a man who does not make or pass judgement on women. You just enjoy them.

You are completely abundant in your dating and sex life.

You are a man who chooses to talk to and pursue women you are very attracted to.

You are a guy who other men look up to and admire, especially when it comes to dealing with women.

You are profoundly present and able to effectively deal with any situation that arises.

You are a person who knows how to make yourself more attractive when dealing with competition from other men.

You are able to effortlessly bring extremely attractive women into your reality.

You are a person who deserves attractive women.

You are a person who loves sex and is comfortable with sex.

You are a person who enjoys talking about sex.

You are completely honest and true with women. You have integrity.

You are a person who will not tolerate fake behavior from women.

You are someone women are attracted to.

You are a man who chooses to feel good, regardless of how a woman reacts to you.

You are able to lead women comfortably and you enjoy doing so.

The deep resources of your subconscious mind are always seeking out ways to help you, attract the women you desire strongly.

You are a man who deserves all the good you see in the dating world and the world at large.

You are a man who oozes confidence and grace.

You are becoming completely and utterly confident around women you are attracted to.

You are a person who performs even better in the presence of extremely beautiful women.

You are a person that women love to flirt with. You flirt well.

You are able to consistently and effectively create rapport with the extremely attractive women you come in contact with.

You are a man who feels even better around women with intoxicating beauty. It’s when you do your best.

You are a guy who has an abundance of beautiful women in your life.

You are a guy who is consistently dating the most attractive women.

You exhibit the attractive qualities of being charismatic, fun, confident, and playful.

You are a person who does not take rejection personally. You learn and move on as a better person.

You are humble and modest and at the same time confident and grounded.

You are a guy who chooses to be playful and easy and fun to be around.

You let go of negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.

You are naturally successful with girls.

You are a person who knows what to say and how to say it.

You are a person who easily attracts quality girls.

You are full of clarity of purpose when you deal with women. You know what you want.

You are a guy who is able to seduce women, with passion, confidence, and charm.

You are becoming confident down to the deepest levels of your being.

You are confident in meeting new women.

You are always smiling for no reason. You just enjoy being.

Bringing desirable women into your life is fun and easy.

You are the type of guy women enjoy being approached by.

You are the source of positive emotions.

You are comfortable in your own skin.

You express yourself fully and fearlessly.

You are in complete control of your emotions.

You are becoming funnier. You are always making people laugh and smile.

You are a magnetic person to be around.

You are comfortable and free in the world.

You are always seeking out and finding ways to make this moment more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

You are enthusiastic and full of energy. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

You are a person who creates rapport easily with others.

You are a person who fits in. You belong.

You are the type of guy women feel comfortable approaching.

You choose to be deeply present so that you may offer your gifts to the world.

You are non JUDGMENTAL.

You are easily able to let go and have fun – to be free.

You are unaffected by the opinions of others.

You are developing a deep, calm, SLY confidence that is irresistible to women.

You are at home wherever you are.

You use your facial expressions to have fun communicating with women.

You are a master of your sexual energies.

You use your sexual energies to continually cultivate and magnify your inspiration.

You get what you want.

You are good with girls.

You have fun flirting with all women. Women have a blast flirting with you.

You are more attractive on the inside than the outside, which makes you very attractive. You are worthy.

You habitually focus on the positive; always.

You choose to continue to grow and learn about women and relationships.

You are becoming better and stronger everyday.

You are decisive and you make decisions quickly and easily.

You have a deep sense of humor about yourself.

If a woman rejects you then she has issues of her own, or is not worthy of your energy.

Interacting with women makes you feel incredible.

You are the guy who attracts the most desirable women.

You communicate effectively no matter what emotional state your experiencing.

You are successful approaching women. You sometimes make mistakes, but you laugh and learn from them, and become even more skilled and adaptable.

You are congruent and integrated on all levels.

You are close with many gorgeous women.

You are the Prize. She wants you so bad. She is trying to get you to sleep with her. You will only sleep with her, if she meets your expectations.

You are delightfully aggressive towards something you want.

In bed, You are a dream come true for women.

You radiate positive masculine energy.

You are in complete control of your sexual energies.

You are alpha male.

Women are attracted to you.

You are able to make women laugh and feel good.

You are energized and polarized by beautiful females.

You get what your after.

You are someone who is profoundly attractive AS IS.

You are so happy knowing you are a person who is becoming more deeply confident, and secure with yourself.

You OOZE an easy grace and dominance.

You deeply know how to make a woman feel incredible.

You are so happy you are the type of person, that loves approaching and meeting new women. You do it regularly.

You are so thrilled that your mind automatically knows what to do, to help you be successful with women.

You have an abundance of lovely women in your life.

You are an intense turn on for women.

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