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Unlock the full capacity of your brain – train it to improve the functionality of your memory, concentration, critical and logical thinking, perception… with this powerful collection of subliminal affirmations.

This program has powerful subliminal affirmations that stimulate your brain’s functions:

Improve Memory Affirmations

This  will provide support in two main ways:

  • It will help your subconscious to properly rearrange and store the information for future use. Right now there are thousands of pieces of information scattered through your mind, with no order or effective way to handle them. Subliminal affirmations will stimulate the areas that control information storing to make it more efficient and memorable. They will simply clear the clutter and help your mind to store these pieces more efficiently so that you can access them with no effort or wandering.
  • It will stimulate lasting changes within your mind so that with regular use properly storing and recalling things becomes something you just naturally do. They will motivate you to stay focused on training your mind until the new thought patterns are firmly formed and you’re able to memorize things with ease, the first time you’re exposed to information. Your concentration will improve and you will simply be sharper and focused at all times, no matter what you do.

Improve Concentration Affirmations

These subliminal affirmations will help you to become more focused by:

  • Removing the resistance you feel towards performing the tasks you don’t enjoy. When you let go of thinking upfront how you hate doing this or that, it becomes a lot easier. Affirmations will help you to detach yourself emotionally from an unpleasant task, removing the resistance and turning it into something you just do. With resistance gone, you might even develop an affinity for the task that will make it more enjoyable.
  • Increasing your motivation to get things done. Instead of thinking about how hard it will be, you will stay focused on the task itself and on the goal of it, which will make you better equipped to stay focused for longer periods of time.
  • Stop your mind from wandering: right now you’re practically looking for something to distract you and affirmations will help you to eliminate this need. By removing resistance there will be nothing to run away from, no need to look for something else to do and your studying or work will just flow until it’s done.

Mental Clarity Affirmations

Subliminal affirmations will stimulate the parts of your mind responsible for:

  • Letting the disruptive thoughts out. Did you know that there are 40-60,000 thoughts passing through your head every single day? Some of them you want to keep, but a large part of it is something that you just don’t need. Affirmations will stimulate your mind so that it becomes better at recognizing which thoughts you really need to keep and let all the others just pass through it, without creating the clutter.
  • Rearranging your thoughts into a logical order so that you can access them more quickly and easily. You will very soon notice that you’re able to “connect the dots” much faster than before precisely because all of your thoughts will be in the right “mental drawers”.
  • Relaxation and releasing of tension. Too many thoughts create confusion which makes you feel stressed about the fact that your head isn’t clear. Affirmations will also help to reduce this tension so that you’re better able to put your mental processes to good use.

Increase IQ Affirmations

These subliminal affirmations will help you to:

  • Make your brain process information more easily and accurately. Affirmations will help you clear the clutter in your mind so that it becomes more efficient at analyzing stored information. You will develop a greater mental clarity and boost your ability to focus on what you’re doing.
  • Relax and think clearly at an IQ test. You will become more confident in your analytical skills and release the tension while taking the test so that nothing clouds your judgment and you become sharper and faster at understanding test questions and coming up with the right answer.
  • Broaden your creative and imaginative capabilities so that instead of going after the obvious solution, you can analyze the information and manipulate it to find another, “out of the box” solution.

Improve Critical Thinking Affirmations

These subliminal affirmations will support your desire to develop the process of critical thinking by:

  • Constantly reminding you of the importance to examine the issue from all the angles. You will soon notice that you’re less tempted to approach any problem “the lazy way” – instead, you will be driven to gather as much information as possible and to analyze it so that you can be sure that the choice you make is the best one.
  • Making you less sensitive to the way you personally feel about the issue. Affirmations will help you to exclude your emotions from the decision-making process – you will simply become detached from them when it comes to making the right choice, ensuring that your final decision is impartial and completely rational.
  • Improving your confidence in your judgment and in your decisions. As your analytical abilities improve, you will become much more confident of your choices. In the interest of analytical approach you will still be consulting others, but you will no longer seek their approval because you will have faith in your own judgment, more and more as your choices continuously prove to be right.

Enhance Common Sense Affirmations

Subliminal affirmations will stimulate your mind to seek for the ways to reconnect with yourself on a deep, instinctive level, and imprint new thinking patterns that will help you to:

  • Acknowledge your intuition and focus more on natural thought. You will become more open to following your first impulses and initial reactions, as they’re often the most logical choice. You will free your mind from the distractions of everyday life and learn to use your own perception of things to your advantage.
  • Be more confident of your judgment. As you start listening to yourself more, you will stop second guessing your choices and you will be less tempted to over think things. You will tap into your personal power and you will know exactly what to say and do in any given situation.
  • Start paying more attention to detail – you will be more aware of the world and people around you and this simple matter of being alert will significantly reduce your chances of making “errors in judgment” again.

Perception Skills

Subliminal affirmations will support the change in the way your mind deals with the outer world information by:

  • Making you more focused and motivated to pay attention to what’s going on around you. You will start noticing the moments when your thoughts start “escaping” and you’ll be able to get them back.
  • Your general level of focus will improve and you’ll be able to spot the fine details, to listen and actively participate in the conversations even for longer periods of time, and to be alert of what’s happening.
  • Your critical and logical thinking will become much more enhanced, allowing you to connect the dots and to fully understand the causes and consequences of seemingly unrelated events.
  • You will become more action oriented, driven to act upon the opportunities that you spot. This will allow you to finally start working towards achieving your goals instead of only dreaming about it!

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