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Alpha Male is a very powerful program based on valuable feedback. It is the most powerful subliminal program of its kind.

Your mind’s most deep-seated programs are at Theta and it is where you experience vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight.

It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where the optimal range for visualization and hypnosis or reprogramming of your mind begins. It’s the mental state which you consciously create your reality. At this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings however your body is in deep relaxation.

In order to put yourself in a Theta state, the music of the program has to be between 4 – 7.9 Hz. The most effective frequency for putting new programs into the subconscious mind is 7.5 hz. Program your subconscious mind and become the alpha male with powerful subliminal affirmations embedded with 7.5 Hz Theta Binaural Beats, used for auto suggestion programming.

The powerful subliminal affirmations embedded in this program easily bypass your conscious resistance and tap directly into your subconscious mind, allowing you to make tremendous change.

Your subconscious absorbs these messages as absolute truth and obeys accordingly. Once your limiting beliefs are removed, there’s nothing that can stop you.

This subliminal program is designed to not only make you the Alpha Male, but to also increase your confidence, social skills, social magnetism, success, and of course attract beautiful women. The Alpha Male is the dominant leader of the group. He exudes confidence, and always has options with women. You too can adopt the characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of the Alpha Male.

Reprogram your mind to increase your confidence, self esteem, influence, dominance, assertiveness, attraction, and magnetism to help you in all social situations! Make it easier to attract women – without memorizing fake chat up lines; just have that natural Alpha Male magnetism!

Take control and lead social situations and conversations. Gain the confidence to “”be yourself”” – live in the moment, say what’s on your mind, stop worrying and over thinking. Adopt an ‘Alpha – Unreactive’ Attitude – stay unaffected by negative attitudes around you and start showing alpha male characteristics and alpha male behavior. Increase your power balance in relationships to have healthier relationships and a better sex life! Become the alpha male and claim what should be yours!

Imagine walking into a room filled with powerful men and beautiful women and as soon as you enter you radiate the aura that catches the attention of everyone even before you say a word. Men want to know who you are, some of them are intimidated by your presence to the point that they feel insecure because you are there to take away all the attention along with their women! Women want to get to know you, some of them wish that you were their Man and slowly starting to ignore the other men who were there before you and ignore the ones who follow you in.

That’s the power of Alpha Male Energy which this program is designed to deliver. Alpha Male Energy is something that can never be put in words, it has to be felt! From animal to humans, it is the energy radiated to express the authority and let everyone know who’s in charge. While animals may need physical strength with a bit of intelligence, for humans it’s more complex.

Human beings are social creatures that follow’s complex, subtle, and subconscious signs to establish their dominance, which is more complicated than it sounds, and its something that’s been evolving for thousands of years. The aura of the alpha male is endowed with leadership qualities and is smart, elegant, successful, confident and keeps things under his control without dominating others.

Apart from verbal communication skills, we also communicate through facial expressions and body language which we pick up subconsciously.

When you communicate signals from your Subconscious mind, people respond subconsciously before you speak a word, and when you start to interact with people the intensity of the energy you radiate will be transmitted to them and they will start to accept, admire and submit to you subconsciously. This is one of the things that this subliminal program is designed to perform on you.

Become the Leader of your pack by becoming your own leader first!

Alpha Males are always in control of themselves, he is his own master and this mindset radiates through his attitude, body language, the way he communicates and the way he leads by example. This energy attracts men and women to you. You can use this trait to improve your career as well as your romantic life.

This is one of the most powerful programs in the world that is designed to make you an ALPHA MALE. We took nearly ten months to complete this program’s script and for the last few months we have been adding the final touches. Over 17 people volunteered to help us with this program and all those who kept in touch with us got very good results.

This program is not meant for the ones who just sit on the couch watching TV or someone who is sitting in front of the computer sipping soft drinks or someone who is wasting his life. It is for people who get on their feet and take actions to turn their lives around. This program is no magic pill, You are still the main driver of this program. This program is there to assist you to achieve the Alpha Male Status that you have always been craving for.


All of your choices are in agreement with your desires.

All of your habits are under your complete control.

Every day you improve your willpower through persistent practice.

Every day your willpower becomes stronger.

Every moment of every day you are becoming more and more disciplined.

Exercising self-control gives you an immense feeling of accomplishment.

You acknowledge your resistance and move forward anyway.

You always do what you say you will do. Your word is law.

You always follow through.

You always put forth your best efforts into everything you do.

You are above all temptations.

You are fully in control of all that you do.

You are in charge of your behaviors and actions.

You are in charge of your life.

You are in complete control of your thoughts, your actions, and your life.

You are in complete control of what you do in your life.

You are in complete control over past disempowering habits.

You are now in control of everything you say and do.

You are the captain of your life.

You are the master of your life.

You are well-organized in every area of your life.

You are willing to do whatever it takes.

You apply your willpower to improving your character and abilities.

You call the shots in your life.

You can count on yourself to do what you need to do.

You completely control the words and habits in your life.

You control all impulses in your life.

You control the direction of your thoughts.

You crave only that which you have made your goal.

You direct your will power to focus on the vision of what you want with the faith that it is already yours.

You easily resist all urges that jeopardize your goals.

You easily resist anything that attempts to distract you from your path.

You exercise self-restraint in all that you do.

You face all challenges with keen resolve.

You finish all tasks that you start.

You focus all your energy and will on what you know must be done.

You focus your thoughts and actions only on achieving your goals.

You have abundant oomph and staying power.

You have all the resolve you need to be successful.

You have all the resolve you need to realize your goals.

You have all the resolve you need to succeed.

You have an iron will when it comes to working on your goals.

You have complete control over your actions.

You have complete control over your habits.

You have incredible self-control.

You have the discipline necessary to overcome any challenge.

You have the power to choose your thoughts and actions.

You have the power to keep on track.

You have the self-discipline required to be a winner.

You have the strength of mind to control your actions.

You have the strength of will to stay on the path you have chosen.

You have the willpower and perseverance to overcome all obstacles.

You have total control over your actions and behaviors.

You have unshakable determination and willpower.

You have unwavering resolve and perseverance.

You honor all decisions in your life with steadfast resolve.

You keep your eyes on what you want, and this empowers your will.

You know that challenges will pass and that you will be victorious.

You know that it is always too soon to quit.

You know that willpower improves with exercise.

You never weaken your will by giving in or giving up.

You only accept those urges that support your desires.

You persevere with optimism and enthusiasm.

You persist and persevere – no matter what.

You possess great inner strength and fortitude.

You press on towards your goals, no matter what.

You refuse to allow any thoughts or actions to undermine your purpose.

You resist all temptations as they arise.

You resolve all issues in your life with unflinching resolve.

You take total responsibility for all your decisions and actions.

You use your unwavering resolve to keep yourself on track.

You use your willpower to focus your thoughts on your purpose and your goals.

Your amazing self-control keeps you on track with your goals.

Your desire to succeed is backed by a will of iron.

Your immense self-control elevates your confidence and self-esteem.

Your incredible self-control ensures that you always stay on track.

Your thoughts and actions are completely under your control.

Your unwavering resolve supports all that you do.

Your will is all powerful.

Your will is powerful.

Your will is strong and powerful.

Your willpower is always stronger than any temptation you encounter.

Your willpower is relentless.

Your willpower is strong because you know what you want and keep going until you succeed.

Your willpower is unyielding.

Your word is law.

Nothing can stop you from focusing on your goals.

Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

Possessing great willpower is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.

Self-control greatly elevates your sense of confidence and self-esteem.

The more you exercise your willpower, the stronger it becomes.

Today you bless your being with infinite willpower.

Today you bless your being with unlimited resolve.

Today you choose to take complete control over your life.

Whatever you decide to do becomes irrefutable law in your life.

When the going gets tough, you get going.

Willpower is a habit that you nurture every day.

With every breath you take, You are bringing more and more control into your life.

You form a mental conception of yourself at the highest height your imagination can picture,
and hold this conception until it is your habitual thoughtform of yourself.

This thoughtform you keep continuously in view. This is what you really are.

You will think only from this high viewpoint.

You will consider all things from this high viewpoint.

You will act from this viewpoint.

You express this thoughtform of greatness in all your actions.

You see yourself, how you want to see yourself.
You see yourself as confident and courageous.
You see yourself as capable, and victorious.
You see yourself as strong, and brave.
You hold that image of yourself in your mind. You step into that image.
You feel that confident individual as you.
You feel that confident individual to be you.
You accept these words as truth.
These words are truth.

You agree that you are extremely magnificent.
When you look in the mirror, You see magnificence.
You see a winner. You see a courageous warrior.
You see a warrior, capable and ready to face anything.
You are splendent, in shape, symmetrical, of excellent aspect.
You are bold, attractive, and confident.
All the signs that you are of excellent birth are in your form,
all the marks of an admirable man.
You don’t simply consider yourself as admirable, You act admirable.
You are poised, benevolent, and compassionate.

You have faith in your confrontation courage. You deal with confrontation all the time.

You have no troubles confronting people.

Nothing stands in the way of your happiness.

You believe in yourself.

You can handle any problem.

You are clever and level headed.

You deal with your problems on a daily basis.

Confronting your issues is not a big deal.

You deal with problems in a composed, intelligent manner.

You deserve to make millions of dollars.

You are motivated to make large amounts of money.

Becoming a millionaire is something you will just do naturally.

You have the positive attitude of someone who just never quits.

You have a natural belief in your ability to create wealth and success.

You find it easy to keep working hard, even in the face of criticism and negativity.

The confidence needed to succeed is within you.

Focus, discipline, and motivation are easy for you.

You are a millionaire.

Your mind is highly focused on making large sums of money.

You believe in yourself completely.

You are highly motivated and productive.

You always work hard.

You have an intense drive to be rich and successful.

You are dedicated to becoming a millionaire.

You are certain that you will make large amounts of money.

You are naturally motivated and persistent when going for your goals.

You work hard and push through negativity and criticism.

You are completely aware that the only thing you really have is the present moment.

You now release all past hurt as you have learnt what was for you to learn.

You are now letting go of all worries, expectations and attachments.

You are taking back control of your life by becoming aware of it.

You are mindful of every moment of your life.

You are free to change your experience, and your life whenever you want.

You can easily handle the moment that is happening right now.

You are fully present in your body and in your life.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, and you are perfectly safe.

You recognize your self-worth, and you allow yourself to enjoy this, and every moment of your life.

It is so liberating to live in this moment, right now.

Everything you do is a fulfilling experience.

Future is only a hope and projection, and this knowledge helps you to do your best, now.

All answers are within you now.

Your thoughts naturally stay in the present.

Being totally present in each moment opens you to exciting and inspiring new experiences.

This moment is a chance for a new beginning.

Actively experiencing your life brings you joy and fulfillment.

All your hurts are in the past, all your fears are in the future, and you are now letting go of them, as this moment is only peace and joy.
Life is just fine.

Caring about what others think is something you are free from.

Being free from the fear of what others think has made your life great.

You live life without concern of what others think of you.

You are relaxed and happy in all social situations.

You are free from worry about what others may think about your plans and goals.

You are courageous.

You are brave.

You are fearless.

You always stand up for yourself.

You are developing courage.

You are ready for anything that comes your way.

You are strong and full of courage.

You push through your fear and do it anyway.

You are courageous when others are scared.

Your courage helps to inspire others.

You are naturally courageous.

Courage comes easily to you.

You always find a way to call forth courage when you need it.

You are the kind of person who feels fear but does it anyway.

Being brave comes naturally to you.

Developing courage is something you just know you can do.

Being strong in the face of adversity is one of your best traits.

Others look to you for leadership at difficult times.

Standing up for yourself is something you just naturally do.

It is important that you become a courageous person.


You have the courage to take your own path.

You are confident, You are fearless, You are bold.

You are a student of your own soul, and search deeply for your real truths.

You are NEVER alone.

You know that courage comes from doing, so you take action without delay.

You are not afraid to go places alone.

You are naturally fearless.

You fear no human.

You naturally take risks.

You enjoy exploring the unknown.

You love learning new things.

You love trying new things.

You love exploring new things.

You always try new things.

You are incredibly brave.

You have massive courage.

You have massive social courage.

You have unlimited courage.

You are as important as anyone else.

You have massive amounts of bravery.

You love taking decisive action.

You love taking quick action.

You always take bold action.

You love taking bold action.

Taking action is exciting.

Taking bold action is thrilling.

You live to be bold.

Boldness is your strength.

Courage is in your blood.

Courage is in your DNA.

Courage is who you are.

You love the unknown.

All experiences in your life nurture and support you.

As you challenge your fears, You are strengthened & empowered.

As you challenge your fears, You release your need to dwell on them.

Being fearless is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.

Every day you bravely expand your comfort zone.

Everything in your life is safe and secure.

Facing your fears empowers you to rise above them.

Fear is nothing more than an emotion, You allow yourself to feel.

You accept and love your fear, and then you let it go.

You accept that fear is just a feeling which will subside as you move forward.

You accept that most of your fears only exist in a fictitious future that you have created in your imagination.

Your faith in yourself lifts you high above any fear.

Your desire is so strong that all fears become insignificant.

Your dreams are much greater than your fears.

Your mind is too full of optimism to harbor worries and fears.

The better you understand your fears, the weaker they become.

The more you face your fears, the weaker they become.

The universe protects you at all times.

Today you give yourself permission to be greater than your fears.

Today you give yourself permission to surpass your fears.

Today you release all fears and doubts.

When you connect with the well of peace that lies within, You find the courage to do anything.

When you feel afraid, You count to five and the fear disappears.

With every breath you take, You are more and more daring.

You act in spite of the fear and the fear fades away.

You allow the courage of your heart to dissolve any fears you experience.

You always act in spite of any fears you may have.

You always take positive action in the face of fear.

You are always eager to try new things.

You are conquering your trepidations daily.

You are daring in all that you do.

You are fearless at all times.

You are fearless in all that you do.

You are finally free from all disempowering fears and doubts.

You are in complete control and have nothing to fear.

You are in complete control of your thoughts and feelings.

You are in control of which life experiences you accept.

You are now free from all fear and worry.

You are so happy knowing that you make women feel comfortable and sexy in your presence.

You are so happy your body naturally displays a comfortable ease.

You are so happy you are sexually confident.

You are a person that knows how to deal with women in a fluid, easy, and effective way.

You are absent of insecurities. You deeply accept yourself how you are in the moment.

You are magnetic to women. It’s almost effortless and it feels amazing, knowing your subconscious is serving you in a deeply profound and positive way.

You are easily alluring to women. They enjoy it when you start up conversations with them.

You are graceful in your movements and voice tone.

You are a leader.

You are a person who makes no excuses for your desires as a man. You love it.

You are becoming a person with an incredible sex life.

You are able to understand deep feminine desires and you are able to help them experience ecstasy.

You are able to effectively sub communicate with women.

You are a man who does not make or pass judgement on women. You just enjoy them.

You are completely abundant in your dating and sex life.

You are a man who chooses to talk to and pursue women you are very attracted to.

You are a guy who other men look up to and admire, especially when it comes to dealing with women.

You are profoundly present and able to effectively deal with any situation that arises.

You are a person who knows how to make yourself more attractive when dealing with competition from other men.

You are able to effortlessly bring extremely attractive women into your reality.

You are a person who deserves attractive women.

You are completely honest and true with women. You have integrity.

You are a person who will not tolerate fake behavior from women.

You are someone women are attracted to.

You are a man who chooses to feel good, regardless of how a woman reacts to you.

You are able to lead women comfortably and you enjoy doing so.

The deep resources of your subconscious mind are always seeking out ways to help you, attract the women you desire strongly.

You are a man who deserves all the good you see in the dating world and the world at large.

You are a man who oozes confidence and grace.

You are becoming completely and utterly confident around women you are attracted to.

You are a person who performs even better in the presence of extremely beautiful women.

You are a person that women love to flirt with. You flirt well.

You are able to consistently and effectively create rapport with the extremely attractive women you come in contact with.

You are a man who feels even better around women with intoxicating beauty. It’s when you do your best.

You are a guy who has an abundance of beautiful women in your life.

You are a guy who is consistently dating the most attractive women.

You exhibit the attractive qualities of being charismatic, fun, confident, and playful.

You are a person who does not take rejection personally. You learn and move on as a better person.

You are humble and modest and at the same time confident and grounded.

You are a guy who chooses to be playful and easy and fun to be around.

You let go of negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.

You are naturally successful with girls.

You are a person who knows what to say and how to say it.

You are a person who easily attracts quality girls.

You are full of clarity of purpose when you deal with women. You know what you want.

You are a guy who is able to seduce women, with passion, confidence, and charm.

You are becoming confident down to the deepest levels of your being.

You are confident in meeting new women.

You are always smiling for no reason. You just enjoy being.

Bringing desirable women into your life is fun and easy.

You are the type of guy women enjoy being approached by.

You are the source of positive emotions.

You are comfortable in your own skin.

You express yourself fully and fearlessly.

You are in complete control of your emotions.

You are becoming funnier. You are always making people laugh and smile.

You are a magnetic person to be around.

You are comfortable and free in the world.

You are always seeking out and finding ways to make this moment more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

You are enthusiastic and full of energy. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

You are a person who creates rapport easily with others.

You are a person who fits in. You belong.

You are the type of guy women feel comfortable approaching.

You choose to be deeply present so that you may offer your gifts to the world.

You are non JUDGMENTAL.

You are easily able to let go and have fun – to be free.

You are unaffected by the opinions of others.

You are developing a deep, calm, SLY confidence that is irresistible to women.

You are at home wherever you are.

You use your facial expressions to have fun communicating with women.

You are a master of your sexual energies.

You use your sexual energies to continually cultivate and magnify your inspiration.

You get what you want.

You are good with girls.

You have fun flirting with all women. Women have a blast flirting with you.

You are more attractive on the inside than the outside, which makes you very attractive. You are worthy.

You habitually focus on the positive; always.

You choose to continue to grow and learn about women and relationships.

You are becoming better and stronger everyday.

You are decisive and you make decisions quickly and easily.

You have a deep sense of humor about yourself.

If a woman rejects you then she has issues of her own, or is not worthy of your energy.

Interacting with women makes you feel incredible.

You are the guy who attracts the most desirable women.

You communicate effectively no matter what emotional state your experiencing.

You are successful approaching women. You sometimes make mistakes, but you laugh and learn from them, and become even more skilled and adaptable.

You are congruent and integrated on all levels.

You are close with many gorgeous women.

You are delightfully aggressive towards something you want.

You radiate positive masculine energy.

You are in complete control of your sexual energies.

You are alpha male.

Women are attracted to you.

You are able to make women laugh and feel good.

You are energized and polarized by beautiful females.

You get what your after.

You are someone who is profoundly attractive AS IS.

You are so happy knowing you are a person who is becoming more deeply confident, and secure with yourself.

You OOZE an easy grace and dominance.

You deeply know how to make a woman feel incredible.

You are so happy you are the type of person, that loves approaching and meeting new women. You do it regularly.

You are so thrilled that your mind automatically knows what to do, to help you be successful with women.

You have an abundance of lovely women in your life.

You are an intense turn on for women.

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2 reviews for ALPHA MALE WARRIOR 2.0 – THETA 7.5Hz

  1. Travis

    I have used similar products in the past and they all do work, but the effects this product gives blows away all the previous ones. Its all rounded.

  2. Ken

    Transformative – listen consistently, this is key and you will see your self change in amazing ways. Just trust the process and stay til the end and the results will be permanent. Thank you Fit Wholebody

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