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Alpha Male is a very powerful program based on valuable feedback. It is the most powerful subliminal program of its kind.

Did you know that Theta (4 – 7.9 Hz.) is the same brain state as in the first 7 years of life? This is when your subconscious mind is recording and not playing.

In order to put yourself in a Theta state, the music of the program has to be between 4 – 7.9 Hz. The most effective frequency for putting new programs into the subconscious mind is 6 hz. Program your subconscious mind and become the alpha male with powerful subliminal affirmations embedded with 6 Hz Theta Binaural Beats, used for auto suggestion programming.

The powerful subliminal affirmations embedded in this program easily bypass your conscious resistance and tap directly into your subconscious mind, allowing you to make tremendous change.

Your subconscious absorbs these messages as absolute truth and obeys accordingly. Once your limiting beliefs are removed, there’s nothing that can stop you.

This subliminal program is designed to not only make you the Alpha Male, but to also increase your confidence, social skills, social magnetism, success, and of course attract beautiful women. The Alpha Male is the dominant leader of the group. He exudes confidence, and always has options with women. You too can adopt the characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes of the Alpha Male.

Reprogram your mind to increase your confidence, self esteem, influence, dominance, assertiveness, attraction, and magnetism to help you in all social situations! Make it easier to attract women – without memorizing fake chat up lines; just have that natural Alpha Male magnetism!

Take control and lead social situations and conversations. Gain the confidence to “”be yourself”” – live in the moment, say whats on your mind, stop worrying and over thinking. Adopt an ‘Alpha – Unreactive’ Attitude – stay unaffected by negative attitudes around you and start showing alpha male characteristics and alpha male behavior. Increase your power balance in relationships to have healthier relationships and a better sex life! Become the alpha male and claim what should be yours!

Imagine walking into a room filled with powerful men and beautiful women and as soon as you enter you radiate the aura that catches the attention of everyone even before you say a word. Men want to know who you are, some of them are intimidated by your presence to the point that they feel insecure because you are there to take away all the attention along with their women! Women want to get to know you, some of them wish that you were their Man and slowly starting to ignore the other men who were there before you and ignore the ones who follow you in.

That’s the power of Alpha Male Energy which this program is designed to deliver. Alpha Male Energy is something that can never be put in words, it has to be felt! From animal to humans, it is the energy radiated to express the authority and let everyone know who’s in charge. While animals may need physical strength with a bit of intelligence, for humans it’s more complex.

Human beings are social creatures that follow’s complex, subtle, and subconscious signs to establish their dominance, which is more complicated than it sounds, and its something that’s been evolving for thousands of years. The aura of the alpha male is endowed with leadership qualities and is smart, elegant, successful, confident and keeps things under his control without dominating others.

Apart from verbal communication skills, we also communicate through facial expressions and body language which we pick up subconsciously.

When you communicate signals from your Subconscious mind, people respond subconsciously before you speak a word, and when you start to interact with people the intensity of the energy you radiate will be transmitted to them and they will start to accept, admire and submit to you subconsciously. This is one of the things that this subliminal program is designed to perform on you.

Become the Leader of your pack by becoming your own leader first!

Alpha Males are always in control of themselves, he is his own master and this mindset radiates through his attitude, body language, the way he communicates and the way he leads by example. This energy attracts men and women to you. You can use this trait to improve your career as well as your romantic life.

This is one of the most powerful programs in the world that is designed to make you an ALPHA MALE. We took nearly ten months to complete this program and for the last few months we have been adding the final touches. Over 17 people volunteered to help us with this program and all those who kept in touch with us got very good results.

This program is not meant for the ones who just sit on the couch watching TV or someone who is sitting in front of the computer sipping soft drinks or someone who is wasting his life. It is for people who get on their feet and take actions to turn their lives around. This program is no magic pill, You are still the main driver of this program. This program is there to assist you to achieve the Alpha Male Status that you have always been craving for.

2 reviews for ALPHA MALE – THETA 6Hz

  1. Travis

    I have used similar products in the past and they all do work, but the effects this product gives blows away all the previous ones. Its all rounded.

  2. Ken

    Transformative – listen consistently, this is key and you will see your self change in amazing ways. Just trust the process and stay til the end and the results will be permanent. Thank you Fit Wholebody

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