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This program is for women wanting to embody characteristics of courageousness, success, and confidence. Listen every day for at least 21 days. The MINIMUM time you’ll need to set a habitual mind pattern is 21 days. The key is to remain consistent, it’s the only way these affirmations will become your habitual thoughts and behavior.


You are naturally courageous.

Courage comes easily to you.

You always find a way to call forth courage when you need it.

You are the kind of person who feels fear but does it anyway.

Being brave comes naturally to you.

Developing courage is something you just know you can do.

Others look to you for leadership at difficult times.

Standing up for yourself is something you just naturally do.

It is important that you become a courageous person.

You see yourself, how you want to see yourself.

You see yourself as confident and courageous.

You see yourself as capable, and victorious.

You see yourself as strong, and brave.

You hold that image of yourself in your mind. You step into that image.

You feel that confident individual as you.

You feel that confident individual to be you.

You accept these words as truth.

These words are truth.

You have the courage to take your own path.

You are confident, you are fearless, you are bold.

You know that courage comes from doing, so you take action without delay.

You are not afraid to go places alone.

You are naturally fearless.

You fear no one.

You naturally take risks.

You enjoy exploring the unknown.

You love learning new things.

You are incredibly brave.

You think positively about yourself, no matter how others may feel.

You are confident and relaxed in all social situations.

You have unlimited courage.

Your bravery is huge.

You can stand up to anything.

You love taking decisive action.

You love taking quick action.

You always take bold action.

You love taking bold action.

Taking action is exciting.

Taking bold action is thrilling.

You live to be bold.

Boldness is your strength.

Courage is in your blood.

Courage is in your DNA.

Courage is who you are.

You love the unknown.

All experiences in your life nurture and support you.

As you challenge your fears, You are strengthened & empowered.

As you challenge your fears, You release your need to dwell on them.

Being fearless is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.

Every day you bravely expand your comfort zone.

Everything in your life is safe and secure.

Facing your fears empowers you to rise above them.

Fear is NOTHING more than an emotion, you allow yourself to feel.

You accept your fear, and then you let it go.

You accept that most of your fears only exist in a fictitious future that you have created in your imagination.

Your faith in yourself lifts you high above any fear.

Your desire is so strong that all fears become insignificant.

Your dreams are much greater than your fears.

The more you face your fears, the weaker they become.

The universe protects you at all times.

The universe favors you.

You are strong, dauntless, and courageous.

You are bright-eyed, with gleaming confidence.

You are strategic and disciplined.

You are sharp and insightful.

You are intuitive.

You trust yourself. You trust your instincts.

You excel at everything you do.

You are a glorious woman.

You are resilient. You are capable.

You are worthy. You are valuable.

You are important. You are necessary.

You are complete in yourself.

You are complete.

You are a fearless alpha female.

You are a bold alpha female.

You are a strong alpha female.

You are courageous.

You are brave.

You are fearless.

you always stand up for yourself.


You are ready for anything that comes your way.

You are strong and full of courage.

You push through your fear, and do it anyway.

You never feel alone, you always feel as though thousands march behind you.

You are courageous when others are scared.

Your courage helps to inspire others.

Being strong in the face of adversity is one of your best traits.

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